Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to unlock Monte Carlo VIP Badge Foursquare

2. check in to 3 different types of venues (restaurant, bar, nightlife, gaming, etc.) over 2 days.

Monte Carlo VIP Badge message: Congratulations on unlocking the Monte Carlo VIP Badge! Show the shiny new badge to your server at The Pub to enjoy a custom-built VIP experience from your friends at Monte Carlo.

How to unlock Cosmopolitan VIP Badge Foursquare

2. check in to 3 different types of venues (restaurant, bar, nightlife, gaming, etc.) over 2 days.

Cosmopolitan VIP Badge message: Congratulations! You unlocked the Cosmopolitan VIP badge. Clearly, you enjoy just the right amount of wrong. Show off your status with VIP entry at Wicked Spoon just by flashing this badge. And stop by Identity to hear about other exclusive offers.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

How to unlock Jackson Hole 2012 Badge Foursquare

1. Follow :

2. Check in at :

Jackson Hole 2012 Badge message : You’re now an insider at the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Think you have what it takes to drop down Corbet's Couloir? Take a look. Then slowly creep away. We promise not to tell anyone, you big baby.

Friday, 16 December 2011

How to unlock Sampa Badge Foursquare

1. Check in at Sampa Badge São Paulo, SP

Sampa Badge message: You’ve got the looks of a real Paulistano! Que legal! The concrete jungle doesn’t intimidate you, nor do the crowds at the Praça da Liberdade. And just like this busy metropolis, you’re always setting the trends. Non dvcor, dvco!

How to unlock The Big Easy Badge Foursquare

2. Check in at The Big Easy Badge New Orleans, LA

The Big Easy Badge message: From po'boys on Bourbon Street to jazz at d.b.a., you've got N’awlins covered like steamboats on the Mississippi. We bet you live every day like Fat Tuesday. Or in the words of Weezy, you got cake every day like it’s yo birthday. Now go eat some pralines!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to unlock La Ville-Lumière Badge Foursquare

1. Check in at 5 venue Greater London

La Ville-Lumière Badge message: You’ve picnicked avec un peu de vin by les quais de Seine, partied in République, missed le dernier métro, and taken un velib instead. From la Rive Gauche to la Rive Droite, you’ve seen it all (except Les Catacombes)! C’est un truc de ouf.

How to unlock London Calling Badge Foursquare

1. Check in 5 venue Greater London

London Calling Badge message: From Buckingham Palace to Brick Lane, The Savoy Hotel to Soho Square, and Downing Street to Diagon Alley, you’ve seen the city’s best... and all before teatime. Add a spoonful of sugar for us! Well done, chap.

How to unlock Bosphorus Badge Foursquare

How to unlock:

2. Check in 5 venue Istanbul, Turkey

Bosphorus Badge message: You’ve traipsed across the Seven Hills and spent the morning in Europe and the afternoon in Asia. You know the Bagdat Caddesi like the back of your hand and can spot a good kebab cart a kilometer away. You’ve visited the best of Istanbul! Tebrikler!!

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