Friday, 27 May 2011

how to link you foursquare to facebook

For any of those having problems in posting checkins with your foursquare with facebook do the following: Go into

1) "Your account"- Privacy settings....

2) on the left hand corner it says " Apps and Websites Edit your settings" click on that

3) You'll see your apps on there...Delete/remove the "Foursquare app" facebook account

4) login to and click on settings on the upper right hand corner

5) Scroll down to where it reads " Linked accounts" and click on the facebook link that reads "Change"

6) when ur prompted to the next page click on "Unlink yourfacebook account" after thats on relink your facebook account"...It will then take you to your facebook and you will need to click on allow if recall for facebook to obtain your information

7) Log off from foursquare from your mobile phone,,,then relogin to it again. After thats done you should be able to see your checkins on ur facebook account

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